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The AAU Juniors Beach Ball volleyball tournaments, hosted by the N Ave Beach Club, are well-organized, reasonably priced doubles tourneys for high school v-ball players familiar with the standard beach tourney format and its rules.  We employ experienced staff to ensure these tourneys are well organized. And we provide great prizes for the winners; the first place teams in the open divisions will win our monster trophy, the Beach Ball Cup.  
In addition to our trophies (top 2 teams) and medals for 3rd & 4th), the top 4 teams in our qualifier events will receiv
e bids to the West Coast AAU Junior Olympic Games, entitling them to compete against the nation's best athletes.

Our tourneys are for AAU members who are serious about v-ball.  Players must know the standard beach volleyball rules, and it's best to have experience playing in competitive events.  And while we attract the top players in the region - those are the ones playing to qualify for the Junior Olympics, everyone who participates will come away with a great experience; most (hopefully all) will have a lot of fun. 

Ready to sign up?
Registration for our events opens up  Mondays at 9 a.m. preceding each event.

Please note, we only accept Visa or Mastercard.

Age Divisions:

Our age divisions follow the AAU classifications (click here).
Please note, girls may play up a division.  We have a minimum age requirement for our boys.  See below.

Team Fee: $60
Advance Registration Only:
Registration is through our online shopping cart, click here.  Registration opens every Monday at 8:30 a.m. preceding each event and runs through Thursday, 5:00 p.m., or till filled.


In order to facilitate competitive balance, thus enhancing tourney enjoyment, we're offering two skill levels in our girls 14u division at the North Avenue Beach venue.  The Open Level is for the best players - winners will receive bids to the Windy City Championships.  The Club Level is a weaker division for those players that are not quite ready to compete for a bid.   Winners of this division will still receive trophies, but they will be smaller than those won in the open division.

In general, we don't provide guidance in determining whether a team should play open or club.  But we encourage teams that have made the playoff round in the club division (especially those who made it to the semi's) to move up to open in subsequent tourneys.  First, these teams have proven they are strong enough to play at a higher level and would benefit from the tougher competition.  And second, it makes for a better tourney experience for those playing in the club division.   
The Registration Process:

A. Signing up a single team:
1. Select the appropriate team age and division in our shopping cart, provide the team name (which is both players last names), then pay.  Creating an account will facilitate future registrations.
2. Once you pay, you'll received two emails; the 1st is a receipt, the second (w/in 24 hrs.) will be your entry ticket/waiver form. Parents must sign the waiver.  The teams must present this entry ticket at the registration desk at check-in, which usually runs between 9:15 - 10 the day of the tourney.

Click here to see an example of an entry ticket

3. Then, on Thursday or Friday, we'll send you information concerning our check-in procedures.

Click here to see an example check-in document

B. Signing up multiple teams:
1. Once you enter all your teams in our shopping cart, you have two options for providing us with the team names:

A). You could provide that information on the "team-name" line, stating the division followed by the specific team names (Ex: 14u: Jo/Bo & Lennon/McCartney, 16u: Sam/Dean). 

B). Alternatively, you could send us your list of team names in an email or email attachment (in a basic word document) specifying the ages & divisions along w/the corresponding team names using the following email link:

2. We'll send you their entry tickets within 24 hours. 
3. Be sure to pass on the entry tickets along with our follow-up email covering day-of-tourney check-in procedures to your players to ensure the tourney proceeds smoothly.

Click here to see an example check-in document
Seeding:  Pool play seeding is random.  Our one exception is we'll do our best to put teams from the same club in different pools.  When signing up, be sure to enter the official club name on the registration form. 

Refunds:  Tourney fees are non-refundable.  We play rain or shine.  Having said that, teams that can't make the tourney, for whatever reason, can transfer their entry ticket, as long as the transfer follows our guidelines, below.
Transfers:  Can't make the Event?  Tourney entries are transferable.  But the replacement team must qualify for the same category and division (ex: girl's 14U).  For details,
Tourney Check-in:  9:00 - 10:00 (N Ave)

Tourney Duration: The tourney starts at 10:00 with a rules meeting running from 10 - 10:15.  Pool play will then begin.  Pool play usually ends at around 1:30 - 2:00.   For those teams (about 3/5ths) that don't make the playoffs, the tourney will end. The tourney will last longer for those teams that advance to the playoff round.

In general, the format is round-robin pool play among 5 teams, each match is 1 game to 25 by rally score. The top 2 teams from each pool advance to a single-elimination playoff round. This format may be modified slightly for 4 or 6 team pools.  For a sample pool play sheet, click here.

The Rules

We follow standard USA Outdoor Beach Volleyball Rules. For a copy of these rules, click here.
Players must know the standard beach volleyball rules and they must supply their own volleyballs.  Further, they must obtain a parent or guardian's approval - that's accomplished by having that person sign our waiver/entry ticket.
The Playoff Rules
Our objective is for the strongest teams to advance out of pool play.  We recognize there are various ways to measure this "strength."  We're publishing our system so that everyone is aware of the rules that we employ.  Please note, we do not play tie-breaker games.

RULES: The team that won in head-to-head competition wins.  If tied, in general, the team with the highest total Point Differential (PD) wins.  (Points are indicative of performance.)  Below is a detailed explanation of these rules.

I) Tie Between 2 Teams
: If the teams played 1 game against each other, the winner of that game wins. If they played two games against each other, the winner of both wins. If they split, the team with the highest total PD for those 2 games wins. If still tied, the team with the highest total PD for all their games wins. If still tied, we'll flip a coin.

II.) Tie Between 3 Teams
: The team with the best won/loss record for the games played between those 3 tied teams wins.
A. If still tied, we look to the PD among the games played between the 3 tied teams (our worksheet is provided below). The team with the highest total PD wins.
B. If the 3 teams are still tied, we look to the PD of the tied teams against all the teams in their pool. The team with the highest total PD wins. If still tied, we'll flip a coin.
Note: If 2 teams advance, seeding is based on their total PD; 1st looking to the PD among the games played between the 3 tied teams.  If still tied, then all the matches.

For our tie-breaker worksheet, click here.

Point Differential Defined

The PD is the point spread in a game. Example: If Team A beats Team B by a score of 25 - 17, Team A's PD for that game is +8; for B it's -8.

Seeding for the Playoff Round

Our objective is for the strongest teams to have the easiest route to the finals. But we do have a bias against seeding teams from the same pool into the same bracket for the 1st round of the playoffs.

If we have 2, 4 or 8 pools, we'll seed as follows:

**2 Pools: 1st Ct A v. 2nd Ct B; 1st Ct B v. 2nd Ct A.

**4 Pools: 1st Ct A v. 2nd Ct D; 1st Ct B v. 2nd Ct C; 1st Ct C v. 2nd Ct B; 1st Ct D v. 2nd Ct A. (Ct A is the lowest numbered court/division, B is the 2nd lowest, C the 3rd lowest & D is the highest.

**8 Pools: It's the same formula as w/4 pools, but w/H as the highest letter.

If we have 3, 5, 6 or 7 pools, in the first round, a few 1st place teams, the top-ranked teams, will receive byes.  We rank teams from top to bottom by first looking at the number of losses, wins don't matter (ex: an undefeated team will be ranked higher than a team w/1 loss, regardless of whether the team played in a 4 or 5 team pool).  In breaking ties, the team w/the best average point differential will be ranked higher.  (The APD is needed when comparing teams from 5-team pools with those from 4-team pools.)  The 1st round will still be 1st v. 2nd, if possible, with a bias against teams from the same pool playing against each other in this first round.
Trophies will be awarded to the players on the top 2 teams - the 1st place team in the open divisions will receive the coveted Beach Ball Cup.   (1st place club trophies are a bit smaller.)  Additionally, the top 2 teams from each division in our AAU qualifiers will receive bids to participate in the AAU West Coast Junior Olympics to be held the end of July in California.

The 3rd & 4th place teams will receive AAU medals.
Note: A 3rd or 4th place team might be entitled to an AAU bid under the "trickle down" rule that states that if one or more of the top teams had already received bids, the bid/s will be awarded to the next highest team/s.  But to receive a trickle down bid, the team/s must place in the top 4.  Example:  If the top 3 teams in a division already received bids, the 4th place team will be awarded the bid.  The 2nd authorized bid will not be awarded.
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Our material (the above procedures, documents and our tourney rules), may be used in whole or in part by any organization running beach volleyball events.  In fact, we encourage it.
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